Top UK Destinations

We all know the weather isn’t quite like sunny Spain, but what the UK lacks in vitamin D it more than makes up in lively cities, picturesque countryside and good old self depreciating British humour! Whether you’re from the UK and looking to explore your native lands or a first time visitor, these are the places you can’t pass by on the British Isles. 


Chalk full of history, heritage and character, York is one of the oldest cities in the UK with more tourist attractions per square mile than anywhere else in the country. What’s more, these attractions are never more than a few footsteps away as York has one of the largest pedestrian zones in the whole of Europe. Try not to tire yourself out!


Want to go to the seaside? Brighton boasts one of the best beaches in Britain where you can try your best to get a tan during the day, then party at the seaside bars and clubs at night. A leisurely stroll through this seaside town may be the highlight of the trip. The Royal Pavilion is a spectacular sight on a sunny day, there’s some great graffiti on show (even a Banksy or two) and Brighton’s Lanes really show the city’s historical side.


For fans of the Fab Four, Liverpool might just be famous for the Beatles, but it wouldn’t do the city justice to only come for a photo at Penny Lane. This former European Capital of Culture has two football teams with great history, ports that are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a whole host of other landmarks which give the city its distinctive look.


When you think of Scotland the first things that come to mind are probably kilts, bagpipes, whisky and of course castles, lots and lots of castles. The most famous of these is Edinburgh Castle, overlooking the city at over 400 feet above sea level. That’s not all this capital city has going for it. Come in December and you can marvel at the Christmas market or come in August and laugh yourself silly at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. There’s something for everyone all year round.

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