Surprisingly Great Holiday Destinations

We all know Paris, Berlin and New York are some of the leading tourist spots around the world, even if we haven’t been there we know someone who has. But who wants to do the same thing as everyone else? Sometimes it’s better to go down the road less travelled, so to speak. If you see yourself as unique, different and want to stand out from the holidaymaker crowd, then you should seriously consider hopping on the next flight to one of these hidden gems.


Starting with possibly the least likely holiday destination on the list, Ethiopia has plenty to offer tourists stepping outside their travelling comfort zone. Find yourself in the vast Simien Mountains, a trekking experience like no other. Stunning views aplenty and wonderful wildlife along the way, you could spend your whole trip exploring these landscapes, but why stop there? When in Ethiopia do as the Ethiopians do, which means dancing, exploring and eating. With a multicultural society filled with food from all over Africa, indulge in some kurt or kifto to keep you going all through the night and into the next day. Be prepared to be on your feet on this trip!

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

In spite of the civil war that gripped the region in the 90s, Sarajevo has reinvented itself as one of the safest holiday destinations in the whole of Europe. It’s the perfect size to wander through the city streets and discover without the need of a tourist pamphlet, while nature seekers will love the colourful parks and the unmissable Skakavac waterfall.

Papa New Guinea

Fascinatingly different to any country in Europe, a trip to Papa New Guinea will be the spark that ignites a love of visiting remote places around the world. There are hundreds of languages spoken here, sometimes by only a handful of locals, and discovering the nuances of tribal life is a long lasting experience. The diving, wildlife, nature and historical sites all make Papa New Guinea a special attraction not to be missed.


Have you ever been to a country that’s younger than you are? Well unless you’re still in primary school a trip to Kosovo will tick that box. Europe’s newest addition is made up of a myriad of cultures and religions which, despite the civil unrest in the past, now coexist to form cities unlike any other in Europe. True travellers will fall in love with this new nation.

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