Scenic Train Journeys of Europe

Resting your head against the window and letting your mind drift away. We all do this on the bus or train home, but what if outside was spectacular scenery instead of rows of multi-storey flat? Well have a read through this list of the most scenic train journeys in Europe and picture yourself getting lost at the window seat. 

West Highland Line, Scotland

Voted the world’s best train journey at the Wanderlust Travel Awards, the West Highland Line takes you through lochs and mountains, capturing the best of Scottish nature. For many the highlight will be the Glenfinnan viaduct, made famous by the Hogwart Express in the Harry Potter films.

Bermina Express, Switzerland

Crossing the Alps can’t get better than this. The Bermina Express runs from Chur in Switzerland to Tirano in northern Italy, with a journey as spectacular in summer as it is in winter, where vibrant colours turn into a snowy, mountain wonderland.

Rhine Valley, Germany

Only a short journey from Mainz to Koblenz, the Rhine Valley Line lets you see a possibly unknown side of Germany. On the way you’ll see towering castles, picturesque villages and a river winding round the landscape.

Glacier Express, Switzerland

It seems all keen train spotters should head to Switzerland! Commonly known as the slowest express train in the world, this journey from St Moritz to Zermatt will take around 7 and a half hours, so not exactly an express. No one takes the Glacier Express for the speed; it’s for the view of the Alps, valleys and amazing Swiss countryside that make it so popular.

Rauma Line, Norway

Getting its name from the scenic Rauma River which it passes by, the Rauma Line will take you past many spectacular sites, such the Troll Wall, which at around 3,600 feet high, is the tallest vertical rock face in Europe. Adding in the fjords and other mountain peaks makes this Scandinavia’s top rail journey.

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