Money Saving Travel Tips

We all want to go on that dream holiday, whether for family fun on the sun, partying with friends or a romantic trip for two. Unfortunately, the coffers aren’t always full enough for us to splash that sort of cash. So what can we do? Well except from winning the lottery, saving money is always a good option! If you’re struggling to save up for an unforgettable trip then read on, as I’ve put together a list of some top money saving tips that will help you fund a holiday of a lifetime. 

Pick your spot for flights

It goes without saying that travelling outside of the summer months and school holidays will save you money on flights and hotels, but did you know WHEN you book your flights can affect the price? January is always a hectic month with would be travellers trying to deal with the back to work hangover, while booking at weekends throughout the year can see flight prices skyrocket. So think outside the box, when would most people not be searching for flights?


Explore all the accommodation options available to get yourself the best prices. Booking last minute can actually work in your favour, with hotels looking to fill up those empty rooms. If you’re planning a one night stop over somewhere in the UK before catching an early flight then get the most for your money with these Travelodge discount codes. Another great tip: if you’re going to a place by the sea then save big time on villas without private pools, simply book one close to the beach.


When and how you travel can save you oodles of cash. If you’re a good sleeper then consider booking overnight train and bus journeys, always cheaper than during the day. If you want to save on flights then book indirect. Your bank account will thank you for taking the long way round.


Starting a trip with an excess baggage charge doesn’t bode well. If you’re taking hold luggage then make sure to weigh it before this happens or better yet, just take hand luggage. You can fit a surprising amount in the allocated hand luggage, while packing travel sized toiletries means you won’t be wasteful.

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